Teaching method

Phenomenon-based learning  

The Dibi teaching method is phenomenon-based. This means that the children will get to know different themes and phenomena of the world by researching, asking questions and experimenting. They will learn to combine different skills to look at the phenomenon from different perspectives. Learning goals are much broader than single skills or pieces of information: we aim at teaching the children to understand the world and to learn for life.

Communication and creativity 

All Dibi Academy education sets high value on learning to communicate and to cooperate with others. All group activities aim at developing the children’s ability to express themselves creatively, precisely, understandably and respectfully – taking the other children into account.

​The children’s creativity is tickled to awaken their curiosity, so they automatically become interested in finding out more. Every child is encouraged to study processes and solve problems in his/her own way.

Familiar group throughout the year(s) 

At Dibi Academy, your child will meet the same, familiar group in every lesson. Being in a familiar group where both children and parents know each other, the children are relaxed and can fully concentrate on the learning activity. No energy is wasted on feeling insecure or shy with people you don’t know.

​The secure learning environment will boost the children’s self-esteem and encourage them to try out new things. The positive attitude has a strong effect on the learning outcomes.

All lessons in English 

All classes are held in English by highly educated English-speaking teachers and translated into the local language as needed by an assistant teacher.

Early exposure to the English language makes use of the child’s natural language learning ability and enables the child to automatically acquire sounds, melody patterns, pronunciation, vocabulary and phrases of the English language. Such early training in English gives great support to future language learning in school and even later in life.

Parents and kids learn together 

Parents have an essential role of in the Dibi Academy pedagogy. Classes up to 3 year olds are designed for the child to attend together with a parent or other guardian.

The better the parents feel they belong to the group, the more the children will experience the same. When the parents share the same experience with their children, they can implement lesson content at home as well.

Dibi Academy can become a common hobby for your child and you for years to come!


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