About Us

The Dibidogs characters are  part of our teaching method. The characters function as the teacher’s little helpers as puppets or in games and activities. The usage of a cartoon character gives the teacher a way of communicating different aspects or views of the subject matter or as a way of rising questions for the children.


Working with a fun cartoon character easily motivates the children to tackle even very challenging problem solving situations etc. 

Princess Lizzy - Arts

Princess Lizzy is an art enthusiast and aesthetic. She is fascinated with creations in art classes and gives positive feedback. She cheers for bold expression and getting projects finished in a timely fashion.

Richie - Music

Richie, the soloist in The Rainbow band, is a true rock star. He sets an example for trying out different styles of musical expression. He encourages the enjoyment of listening and moving to music. 

Rocky - Sport

Rocky is a keen schoolboy who always winds up in various adventures. He is curious, eager
and wild and loves to solve problems. Rocky encourages everyone to act, move, run, jump, climb and to have fun with their friends.

Ronny - Nature

Ronny works underground as a sewer inspector, which is why he spends all his free time outside in nature. He loves sunshine and the forest, flowers, animals and trees. He also wants to take good care of nature, in order to preserve it for everyone to enjoy. 

Emmy - Math

Emmy is Princess Lizzy’s little sister. She is very smart but also quite sensitive and emotional. She helps children figure out puzzles, riddles and problems. Nothing is too difficult for her, and math tasks are great fun with her.  


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