Learning environment 

Inspiring and safe learning environment is an integral part of our pedagogy.


The Dibi Academy’s interior design concept is based on well-known Scandinavian aesthetics – simplicity and functionality. 

The interior is brought to life with high quality lighting, Scandinavian colour palette, different textures and wooden surfaces.


Dibidog images and puppets, children’s artwork, colourful textiles and quality furniture create a space that is unique to Dibi Academy – an inspirational space made for learning. 


We use the latest green technology to provide Dibi Academy with environmentally responsible, safe, non-toxic and high quality materials and supplies. Use of ergonomic solutions in the interior adds greater functionality and safety for the children and contributes to better learning environment. 


© 2016 by Dibi Academy Oy.

The concept is created and owned by Dibi Academy Oy, Finland.