Our story


Dibi Academy was founded in February 2016 in Helsinki by a team of pedagogical and multidisciplinary experts. We set out to pinpoint the success factors of the world-renowned Finnish education and to shape Finnish early childhood education (ECE) expertise into a turnkey concept. Today, this concept is ready to be implemented anywhere in the world.


The Dibi Academy pedagogy continues the long tradition of high quality Finnish education. These principles are implemented in Dibi Academy in a phenomenon-based teaching method and in a curriculum with a strong emphasis on socio-emotional skills.

Dibi Academy proudly brings the Finnish early childhood education success to children all over the world. Teachers from Finland implement the curriculum together with the local organization and our designers create the learning environment to benefit both children and staff. 


The Dibi Academy founding members continue to work as the core team to further develop our operation. Our mission is to bring Finnish style, high class, fun and effective learning experience to as many children on the world as possible.

Brief profiles of the founders

Johan Storgård
Chairman of the Board, Co-founder

  • Business development, networking and new markets


Peter Storgård
CEO, Co-founder, member of the board 

  • Business development and general administration


Mikko Salo
Head of Communication, Legal Counsel,
Co-founder, member of the board

  • External communication and agreements

Mari Salo
Head of Pedagogy, Co-Founder

  • Curriculum and content development

Eija Storgård 
Head of Design, Co-founder

  • Learning environment design and development,
    visual content development


Jim Solatie
Creator of Dibidogs, Co-founder & member of the board

  • Creative education development


Pia Solatie
Creator of Dibidogs, Co-founder

  • Specialist in Behavioral Economics in Market Research


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The concept is created and owned by Dibi Academy Oy, Finland.